We are traceable, always.

We are so confident about the raw materials we use and the entire production process of our products that we do not hide.


We feel like showing up.

Always. And always.

That's why the traceability and retraceability of our flour products has been applied since the days when regulations did not provide for it, in recent years it has been certified according to ISO 22005:2008 by DNV Italy.

All processes and products are traceable from the arrival of wheat, identified in individual batches. With the cooperation of our main suppliers, we have created a supply chain relationship and a link between the farmer and the enterprise. The supply chains are certified from Field Production all the way to the supply of Semolina.

And not only that.

We were among the first companies in Italy to put into practice the two concepts of traceability:


  • The TECHNICAL one in BLOCKCHAIN with which we tell in detail all the stages of production (starting from sowing to the realization of the semolina package) to protect the pasta maker and preserving, such data, with a technology impossible to manipulate. (Authentico)

  • The TERRITORIAL one with which we tell in detail who we are by adhering to a brand new project called that allows us to introduce ourselves to our customers thanks to a QR-code present on our packages and that, framed, refers to a digital portal that presents our company and our territory in an innovative and original way. (


We are MOLINO DE VITA and we are not hiding.