Health and Functional Organic/Conventional Flours

A "sartorial" mill

Just as a tailor sews a suit to the "measure" of his customer, so we make our flour to the "measure" of the many pasta factories with whom we work.

Because we are consumers before we are producers, and we are well aware of the importance that a proper and healthy diet has in everyone's daily life.

Here, then, is why we have decided to produce functional and healthy flour. Foods are defined as functional when, beyond their basic nutritional properties, their ability to positively affect one or more physiological functions is scientifically proven. A fundamental prerogative of the same foods is also to help preserve or improve the state of health and reduce the risk of occurrence of diet-related diseases. 

At Molino De Vita, we at Molino De Vita, through studies and research in collaboration with universities and research centers for Cereal Farming, have created a series of enhanced products derived from the selection, milling and extraction of substances to be used in the development of foods that can improve health and well-being.

This enables us to fulfill pasta manufacturers by making semolina, according to the desired nutritional values, for the production of their pasta.