Flours from Ancient Grains.

The quality of our flour, a legacy of the past

The quest for quality is a founding principle of our business philosophy. Having been an integral part of the agricultural world for generations, this search has led us to reconsider the processing of ancient grains, which, despite the time that has passed, have not undergone any biological modifications, maintaining, even today, a quality and nutritional principles of high value. That is why we have included in our processing that of Senatore Cappelli, a quality of wheat named in honor of the Abruzzo senator Raffaele Cappelli, and which was discovered by genealogical selection in the very countryside of Foggia in 1915. Senatore Cappelli wheat has been rediscovered and revalued as a cereal of excellence thanks to its nutritional content and flavor that have remained unchanged over time, as well as its high tolerability.

But our qualitative research has not been limited to this.

At Molino De Vita, we have also resumed growing and milling the Antiche Saragolle di Puglia, high-stemmed grains that are precursors of Cappelli, and Farro dicocco.


Flours of Senatore Cappelli


Ancient Saragolle flour from Puglia


Dicoccum Spelt Flour