About Us

The pride of a rural history

Today, Molino De Vita employs 45 permanent and induced employees in addition to a milling production of as much as 5,000 quintals of grain in a day.

Today, Molino De Vita, counts numerous national and international recognitions such as being among the top 10 Apulian companies awarded the Best Value Award.

Today, Molino De Vita is listed in the register of Italian excellence as a company ambassador of Made in Italy, with the motivation of having combined tradition and innovation in the production of organic durum wheat semolina.

Today...but Yesterday?

Yesterday we were farmers who grew their wheat with passion and love and then delivered it to third parties for milling. Once sold, of the wheat we did not know "what" would end up on our tables and those of all our friends and relatives.

Here, then, is the question that Dad Vincenzo De Vita with his eldest son Michele asked themselves: is it possible to have here, in the "granary of Italy," a Mill run by those who grow wheat? And so the dream was born to build a milling plant on the hills of the Monti Dauni overlooking the flat area of the province of Foggia between the ancient agricultural centers of Casalnuovo Monterotaro, Casalvecchio di Puglia and Torremaggiore.

Today that dream is an established reality.

Today we have our own Mill that we could call "sartorial" because we produce "tailor-made" semolina for our many customers.

Today, then, we are farmers and millers.

And we are proud to be so.

Our Land, Our Life

Casalvecchio di Puglia in the province of Foggia is our "home." It is here, in the Monti Dauni, that our mill is based. It is here, in the middle of "our" wheat fields, that we decided to found our milling company also to have a daily dialogue and confrontation with the farmers of the area so as to cement every day more and more the atavistic bond that binds us to our territory that plays a fundamental role in our company.

Our territory is important to us to the point that we were among the first companies in Italy to join a brand new territorial marketing development project: localtourism.it.

This makes us "ambassadors" of our territory throughout Italy with our products that have become the "business cards" of our area. 

And yes.

We have always proudly told about our origins and our land.

We have never been ashamed.

We have never been ashamed because a farmer loves his land.

He respects it.

He pampers it.

He knows that only then, from it, will he get his just reward.

And so he does.

Every day.

Our team

Michele Losordo
Michele Cuorpo
Giovanni De Salvia
Alessandra Sannicandro
Gianfranco D’Andrilli
Giuseppe Nicastro
Antonio D’Andrilli

Our Air, Our Secret

The wheat we process comes from our own fields and fields all over Italy. So it is 100% Italian. This allows us to offer a wide range of semolina and flour products of the highest quality.

But this is not only our "secret."

We have been "smart" because having built our processing plants far from large population centers and smog, we are privileged to fully appreciate the vital function of the air in our areas.

Here is our "secret": "the good air" that we are lucky enough to breathe on a daily basis and that envelops and caresses the hills of the Monti Dauni.

An air that we not only breathe but can eat in all the agricultural products of this land.

Even wheat.

Here, then, air is the fundamental element in our milling process. Its use, thanks to the pneumatic effect, during the handling and transport of the product at all stages of processing ensures that it is not contaminated with pollutants present in other areas.