Blockchain Traceable Flours

Our agricultural culture has always guided us in our choices.

That's why we have chosen to make our flours traceable right from the arrival of the wheat.

With the collaboration of our main suppliers, we have created a supply chain relationship and a link between the farmer and the company. The supply chains are certified from Field Production to the supply of Semolina.

All this with the TECHNICAL BLOCKCHAIN traceability that allows us to detail all the stages of production, from sowing to the creation of the semolina package, with a technology that is impossible to tamper with.



Blockchain, in fact, is a public, distributed, and decentralized ledger, in which encrypted information is securely stored. Thanks to IoT (Internet of Things) devices, it is possible to implement traceability that covers every stage of the supply chain from production to logistics, all the way to distribution.


The flours may contain natural traces of mustard.