Vincenzo De Vita: A lifetime of dedication to the land and community of Casalnuovo Monterotaro.

The deep roots of our Mill are anchored in the fertile soil of Casalnuovo Monterotaro and in the heart of a man who always knew how to look ahead: Vincenzo De Vita.

On August 12th, a date now indelible in the history of our community, Vincenzo was honored by Mayor Pasquale Codianni with a civic merit award. The reason? A recognition of his contribution "for having significantly improved the quality of life and social coexistence in Casalnuovo Monterotaro." These words, however, tell not just the success story of an entrepreneur, but the trajectory of a farmer who has always sought innovation.

Born on March 13, 1934, the youngest of four siblings and raised in the agricultural traditions of Michele and Maria de Cicco, Vincenzo never settled for just going with the flow. With courage, he expanded his land holdings, was a pioneer in the planting of tent-trained vineyards, and in the construction of prefabricated sheds. These innovations are not just a sign of his entrepreneurial spirit, but a testament to his deep love for his land and his people.

We at Molino De Vita are proud of this recognition. Vincenzo's story, his vision, and his commitment are the foundation on which our company was built. We are grateful for every single decision, for every risk he decided to take, and for the passion he always infused into his work.

Molino De Vita, now in the capable hands of his son Nicola, is the tangible testament to Vincenzo's legacy. Nicola has taken up the baton with the same innovative and visionary spirit as his father, leading the company towards new horizons.

As we celebrate this well-deserved honor, we join the community of Casalnuovo Monterotaro in expressing our gratitude and esteem for Vincenzo. His story as an innovative farmer is a beacon for all of us and guides us every day in our work.

The Editorial Team