New developments ahead: Molino De Vita brings a nutritional revolution to the Pastaria Festival 2023

This year's Pastaria Festival, a benchmark event for all professionals in the pasta world, will once again be the stage for new developments and advanced discussions in our sector. We are excited to announce that we at Molino De Vita will play a leading role in this dynamic context, with the presentation of a scientific study that could open new horizons in the pasta industry.

The event, which will be held at the Hotel Parma & Congressi on the next September 29, is an exclusive platform for sharing know-how and skills.

In this context, we will proudly reveal the results of recent research conducted by the University of Milan, under the supervision of Prof. Stefania Iametti. This study focused on our complete whole wheat semolina with Germ, produced through a unique process of 'whole milling' with a low rate of refinement and slow grinding. The research confirms that our whole wheat semolina retains essential nutritional elements like Germ and Aleurone, almost similar to the wheat caryopsis in nature, offering at the same time a nutritional profile and health benefits that could have a significant impact on the prevention of chronic diseases.

But we didn't stop at mere nutritional evaluation. Knowing the taste challenges associated with whole products, which can sometimes have bitter aftertastes or woody notes, we pursued a perfect balance. The result? A semolina that, while being 'complete', expresses an intrinsic sweetness and an evocative aroma of freshly harvested wheat, offering an unparalleled taste experience.

For us, innovation and quality have always gone hand in hand, and this study offers scientific validation of our commitment to providing products that are not only excellent in taste but also fundamental for a balanced and healthy diet.

We can't wait to share these revolutionary results with our colleagues and the broader industry. It's an exciting time to be part of the pasta world, and we are eager to lead the dialogue on how science and innovation can continue to shape it.

To participate in the Pastaria Festival 2023, we remind you that registration is mandatory and free, reserved for pasta producers, until seats are filled.

For further details, you can refer to the number 0521 1564934.