Our Complete Whole Wheat Semolina with Germ in the Spotlight.

The Pastaria Festival 2023, an event held last September 29 in Parma and eagerly anticipated by all pasta enthusiasts and professionals, saw us, as previously mentioned in an article, as protagonists. Among tastings, conferences, and presentations, our brand stood out for the presentation of its complete whole wheat semolina with germ.

Indeed, in a day full of insights and reflections, our flagship product received the attention and recognition it deserves during the academic conference "PASTA: HEALTH, WELLBEING AND PLEASURE". Professor Stefania Iametti from the University of Milan provided an invaluable contribution, outlining the crucial aspects and potential of wheat germ, providing a scientific and detailed framework on this fundamental component of our whole wheat semolina. Her speech confirmed the importance of a balanced and conscious diet, in which the complete whole wheat semolina with germ is a valuable ally for health and well-being.

Moreover, the event was a precious opportunity to highlight the excellence and innovation that distinguish our products. The presentation of our Complete Whole Wheat Semolina with Germ aroused interest and curiosity, confirming Molino De Vita's commitment to quality research and enhancing the nutritional properties of wheat.

The conference also offered valuable insights thanks to the contributions of other eminent speakers. Gabriele Riccardi, from the University of Naples Federico II, explored the relationship between pasta and other low glycemic index starchy foods, and their positive impact on cardio-metabolic prevention. Vincenzo Russo, from IULM University, delighted attendees with a speech on the link between pasta and happiness from a neuroscience perspective, while Patrizia Riso, from the University of Milan, explored the contribution of the Mediterranean diet to physical performance. Finally, Carlotta Mutti and Francesco Rausa, both from the University of Parma, discussed the effects of the Mediterranean Diet on sleep quality.

In conclusion, the Pastaria Festival 2023 confirmed our role as active protagonists in the quality pasta landscape. Therefore, with enthusiasm, we look forward, ready to continue our journey of innovation and passion to offer products that are synonymous with health, well-being, and authentic pleasure at the table.