Discovering the Excellence of the 100% Italian Supply Chain.

Yesterday, June 13th, we had the pleasure of hosting a select group of influencers and bloggers for an exclusive visit, organized in collaboration with Pastificio Granoro. This initiative is part of a comprehensive project aimed at promoting the 100% Italian grain supply chain for Granoro's "Dedicato" pasta line. Our mill, unique in this supply chain, serves as the link between approximately 340 farmers and the renowned pasta factory, ensuring the quality and authenticity of the grain used.

The participants had the opportunity to explore our milling plant, observing up close the process of transforming Italian grain into high-quality semolina. During the visit, the influencers and bloggers experienced firsthand the passion and dedication that characterize our daily work. Among the guests, we had the pleasure of welcoming Emanuela Carbonara (@ilcucchiaiosaporito), known for her delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes; Susy Onorato (@susyonorato), recognized for her creative content and passion for cooking; Nunzia Bellomo (@nunziabellomo), a food blogger admired for her innovative culinary proposals; Donatella Mastrodonato (@mettitavola), famous for her tips on table setting; and Andrea Pietrocola (@lacucinadelfuorisede, @andreapietrocola), known for his recipes tailored to students and young people living away from home.

All the guests shared their experience on social media, offering their followers a behind-the-scenes look at our mill. They enthusiastically recounted the care and dedication we put into producing our semolina, highlighting the importance of supporting a short and 100% Italian supply chain.

“When we decided to produce pasta with certified Italian grain ten years ago, it was easy to rely on a mill located in the Monti Dauni area, long considered Italy's Granary, whose reliability and ability to process grain not as an industry but as a farmer would, were well known to us,” said Dr. Gianni Marcone, purchasing manager at Granoro, explaining to the guests why they chose our company. Echoing his sentiments, Nicola De Vita, our mill's administrator, said, “Collaborating with Pastificio Granoro means working as a family. Perhaps because, having an agricultural background and being miller-farmers, we know well what it means to work the land and respect it. Being an active part of an innovative project like the production of the DEDICATO supply chain, which focuses on quality and not quantity, immediately involved us.”

Yesterday's event once again gave us the opportunity to show how important our connection to our territory is, one we always hold in the highest regard. Collaboration with Pastificio Granoro and local farmers is fundamental to ensuring an excellent product that respects tradition and the environment. “We are proud to be an integral part of Granoro's 'Dedicato' supply chain and to contribute to the enhancement of Italian grain,” concluded Nicola De Vita, as he bid farewell to the guests.

Yesterday's event reaffirmed that working with passion and dedication to offer high-quality, sustainable products, while respecting our roots and our territory, is the right path to continue following.