Conference - study on the figure of Nazareno Strampelli, innovative scientist.

On October 7, 2023, starting at 9:00 AM, the Sala della Regina of the Palazzo Dogana in Foggia will become the stage for an important reflection on the history and evolution of “Senatore Cappelli” wheat and on the central figure of Nazareno Strampelli, an innovative scientist in the Italian agricultural landscape.

For MOLINO DE VITA, participating in this event represents a fundamental opportunity for sharing and in-depth study. Nicola De Vita, our sole administrator, will present the experience of the Alce Nero supply chain related to Cappelli Wheat, placing our company reality in a broader historical and scientific context.

The figure of Nazareno Strampelli deserves specific attention. He was one of the leading Italian genetics experts of his time and dedicated his life to innovation in agriculture. His vision, unconventional for the time, focused on the crossing of different varieties of wheat to obtain new cultivars. This methodology proved to be revolutionary and more effective than the prevailing practice of the time, mass selection. Strampelli operated in the province of Foggia, particularly in the agro of Manfredonia, experimenting and creating the “Senatore Cappelli” wheat. His innovations did not stop at the Italian border: the wheat varieties he created and then exported to Mexico were at the base of the genetic improvement studies that led to the “green revolution” of the 1960s.

Alongside Nicola De Vita, other professionals in the field will contribute with their expertise:

Roberto Lorenzetti, writer and honorary inspector of the Ministry of Culture, will discuss Strampelli's presence in Foggia and the genesis of Cappelli Wheat.

Enrico Martinoli, former Board Member of CRA, will outline the evolution of agricultural research from Masseria Manfredini to CREA in Foggia.

Pasquale De Vita, Research Manager and Head of the CREA office in Foggia, will analyze the new varieties of wheat and their responses to current challenges.

Concetta Lotti, professor of Agricultural Genetics at the University of Foggia, will present on genetic improvement technologies and their applications on wheat.

Pascal Barbato, master baker, will share his practical experience regarding Strampelli's work.

Carlo Cambi, journalist and writer, will address issues related to food autonomy.

The event is organized thanks to the collaboration of prestigious entities such as the Grande Oriente d'Italia, the University of Foggia, and CREA, with the sponsorship of regional and provincial bodies.