Obtained the SQNPI Certification: Pioneering a Future Marked by Quality and Environmental Awareness.

A sensational start to 2024 for us at Molino De Vita. The achievement of the SQNPI certification from CCPB of Bologna is not only a milestone marking a promising beginning for the year but also the fruit of the collective effort of all of us here at the mill. This certification, issued by an authority in the certification sector like CCPB, is not just a symbol of quality and sustainability, but also a testament to the commitment and passion that every member of our team, led by our sole administrator Nicola De Vita, puts into their work daily.

The SQNPI certification (National Quality System for Integrated Production) confirms that our durum wheat and semolina products meet high standards of sustainability and quality. This ensures that our production process is sustainable, environmentally friendly, and focused on the quality of the final product, a message we strongly wish to convey to our customers, especially the pasta factories that rely on our semolina.

After all, we are so confident in the raw materials we use and in the entire production process of our products that we do not hide. That's why we have adopted a dual traceability system. Thanks to the collaboration with Authentico, the technical traceability based on blockchain offers unprecedented security at every stage of production. Concurrently, the territorial traceability achieved with Localtourism.it directly connects our customers with our land. This dual traceability not only ensures maximum transparency and security but also strengthens the bond with our roots and the territory we love and respect.

After all, the phrase that characterizes us - "We are farmers before millers" - is not just a slogan, but the true essence that guides every stage of our production. The national and international recognition we have received, such as being among the top 10 Apulian companies awarded at the Best Value Award and recognized as ambassadors of Made in Italy, is the result of our commitment to combining tradition and innovation. These accolades are a testament to our constant commitment.

Our 'tailor-made' philosophy in the production of semolina customized for each customer is what makes us unique in the industry. This approach allows us to meet and exceed the expectations of every customer, ensuring a product that reflects our passion and dedication.

In conclusion, the achievement of the SQNPI certification is just the beginning of an ongoing commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation, values that guide us in every choice and action. That's why 2024 represents, for us at Molino De Vita, a new stage in our journey towards excellence, a journey we have embarked on with pride and determination, always with the goal of offering the best to our customers.

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