• The excellence that start with a seed and arrives at out tables

    In the heart the Tavoliere plains

  • From the nature De Vita and Wellness

    For us of the Molino De Vita organic agriculture is a serious matter.

  • Vista dall'alto

    In Puglia dove l'aria incontaminata ospita il Molino De Vita

A tradition renewed from generation to generation

The story, the responsibility of the firsts...the passion that you transfer, a natural choice, a path already drawn.

The Man

The rich scents and intense colours of the Daunian mountains sum up the reason for this perfect coexistence. This is undoubtedly reflected in the philosophy of the company Molino De Vita which shows respect for tradition on a daily basis through its work, a value that has been passed on from father to son.

The Wind

The wind, whether gentle summer breeze or bitter blast, is always a bearer of life. Especially when the air is free from contamination, we can fully appreciate its vital function.


Perfect synthesis between tradition and innovation, Molino De Vita is today one of the most concrete examples of how agriculture and industry can be complementary to each other and a model for territorial development.

Your dream
now a reality...

to Michele

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“If God had know this plain of Puglia, light of my eyes, he would be stayng to live here”
Federico II di Svevia